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Posted by Paul B.August 9, 2022
Hired attorney*

Excellent Attorney – Superior Representation

Divorce is obviously very difficult. Hiring Janell was the best choice I made. Dealing with lawyers on a regular basis through my job, I knew how to determine what makes a great lawyer, and when I met with Janell I immediately knew I made the right decision. She has a full and complete knowledge of the law and how it works. She listened to me also fully explained what worked, and what did not work. I could write pages upon pages explaining how much she did to get me through the process, but suffice it to say I was able to complete the divorce with all of my expectations fulfilled. At every step of the process, you will realize you have the best representation with Janell and that is a comforting feeling.

Posted by Amy D.August 3, 2022
Hired attorney*

Highly Recommend

I know from personal experience that Ms. Weinstein is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, a strong advocate, and efficient. She is an amazing advisor; I have 100% confidence in her. I highly recommend Ms. Weinstein to all of my friends and contacts in need of family law services.

Posted by Lori G.July 30, 2022
Hired attorney*

Very compassionate and knowledgeable

Janell was the attorney in my divorce 10 years ago. I never would have gotten through that time in my life without her. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of family law and very good at listening to her client and providing the specific type of guidance they need to navigate the difficulties of the divorce process. I never would have gotten through it without her. When one of my friends was going through a divorce shortly after mine, I recommended she talk to Janell. She did and was equally happy with her experience. A year after my divorce I, unfortunately, experienced some issues with my ex and it was Janell I turned to once again. She, of course, navigated me through that incident flawlessly as well. She is outstanding in her field and I continue to recommend her to anyone needing a divorce or family law attorney.

Posted by Candyce L.July 21, 2022
Hired attorney*

Absolutely the best!

You never want to be in a situation where you need a lawyer, but if you are Janell is who you want representing you. Her guidance and expertise made a stressful divorce so much easier. Trust in the process but more importantly have an amazing attorney to make sure you are represented at all times, and make sure you look up Janell!

Posted by Evan B.July 21, 2022
Hired attorney*

Great Advocate

I have worked in the legal community for almost 30 years so I know a lot of matrimonial lawyers. I knew Ms Weinstein had a great reputation as a zealous but compassionate advocate for her clients. When it came time to seek representation for myself, choosing Janell was a no-brainer. She is extremely responsive to questions and promptly answered emails and calls. Most importantly, she has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that she brings to the table to get the best possible outcome. She had strategies and ideas to handle issues which arose and her advice was on point. I never doubted choosing Ms Weinstein throughout the process. I felt confident knowing she was my attorney. Ms Weinstein was a strong advocate for me and I am glad I hired her.

Posted by Bill S.March 17, 2021
Hired attorney*


Janell was so professional and walked me through the entire process, it was a very difficult time in my life. Through Janell’s professionalism and personal touch I was able to come through the other side with great understanding and able to move forward, emotionally along with an extremely fair settlement. Janell also was available anytime I needed it to speak about any question no matter how small or large the issue. Outstanding!! Thank you so much!

Posted by David L.March 17, 2021
Consulted attorney*

Excellent and Compassionate Representation

I have been a practicing attorney for thirty years; however I do not practice in the areas of Divorce, Separation or Family Law. I have referred many clients to Ms. Weinstein over the years and she has provided outstanding representation to all of them. She is highly qualified and experienced in the law but, most importantly, she is compassionate to her clients while at the same time providing zealous and effective representation. I would highly recommend her services.